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LD T-Shirts: Last Call

Hi Loopers,

    Just wanted to remind folks that this weekend is last call
    for T-shirts... Sunday evening is the official deadline,
    I will be placing the order first thing on Monday morning.

    So far 25 LD'ers have ordered & paid for shirts, which is
    quite a bit less than I had expected.   This project was
    organized to help pay for the Loopers Delight Site &
    to get us a  distinctive symbol of our Loopiness in the
    process.  If you value the LD site & this list, then by
    all means go for a shirt!

    If you are hesitant to use this newfangled "PayPal" stuff
    then contact me privately, as I have been working with
    a few of our neo-luddite brethren out there.

   Its been great being the LD Poster boy & basking in all the
   fame that "Front Page" exposure on Loopers Delight brings.
   I'm really gonna miss the job offers, marriage proposals and
   equipment endorsements, but after Sunday my real work begins.

   Order a shirt and I might even have to break a sweat, filling
   out all those mailing labels, stuffing n' sealing all them envelopes,
   cycling to the Post Office in the cold desert air.  As it is now,
   the job is just going to be too damn easy.

  Here ya go: