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Re: echoplex pedal switching

At 06:07 PM 10/13/2001, Doug Cox wrote:
>So on a different subject, which Kim could answer, but...
>Others might be able to help... and the answer might help others (ooo,
>reverse loop)
>I'm gonna spring for a second EDP.  Although I will sometimes use it in a
>stereo looping setup, I'll also use it for independent loops (linked in 
>ratio through BrotherSync).
>Anyone have any luck using an ABY box to point the EFC-7 foot controller 
>2 different EDPs?  Or am I also going to have to spring for a second 

If the switch is passive, it should work fine. I think Matthias has done 
this sort of thing.

>Second, anyone know of an ABY box that will let me point my Roland EV-5
>pedal to the 2 different Feedback jacks?  I haven't seen an ABY box that
>knows how to handle a TRS plug...

Feedback jack in the EDP does not use a TRS plug, and I don't think it 
works with an EV-5 pedal very well either. I was designed to work with a 
passive volume pedal, with a mono cable connected to the output jack of 
pedal. This way, you can have the pedal as far away as you need from the 
rack instead of being limited by the flimsy short cables built into 
expression pedals like the ev-5.

you should be able to switch the feedback connection with a passive switch 
as well.

Another idea would be to use midi. just set the two units on different 
channels and control them independently from a midi controller.


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