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Re: to control 2 EDPs

>I'm gonna spring for a second EDP.  Although I will sometimes use it in a
>stereo looping setup, I'll also use it for independent loops (linked in 
>ratio through BrotherSync).

yes, thats interesting! The best way to operate one/other/both is MIDI

>Anyone have any luck using an ABY box to point the EFC-7 foot controller 
>2 different EDPs?  Or am I also going to have to spring for a second 

it will not control both EDPs simultaneously (unless you make it 
active as I did mine, but its not quite trivial), but you can easily 
switch it between the two and use a MIDI connection in case you use 
the stereo (to disconnect them, set ControlSource to OFF on one of 
the units, for example)

>Second, anyone know of an ABY box that will let me point my Roland EV-5
>pedal to the 2 different Feedback jacks?  I haven't seen an ABY box that
>knows how to handle a TRS plug...

similar to above
to control the input or output volume with that pedal, MIDI does not 
transfer them from one to the other unit.

I started to work out a detailed text on this a while ago and will 
finish it for the upgrade manual...

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