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Re: Looper development and production costs?

>At 12:01 PM 10/13/2001, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>>One thing that I don't think has been mentioned here is promotion. 
>>I've NEVER seen and add featuring the EDP.  Ever.
>for almost the entire history of the EDP, sales and demand have far 
>exceeded the supply of them. There were long waiting lists up until 
>only recently. Why would you bother spending money on advertising if 
>you were selling everything you managed to build anyway?
>Now, the guys at Trace-Elliot have done a great job of getting the 
>production line in order and happening. They finally sold through 
>all that big waiting list and overwhelming demand. So only now does 
>your suggestion make sense, when they finally need to go out and 
>find new customers. Prior to now, advertising only would have 
>exacerbated the problem of more demand than they could supply.

Being that "now" was in February, right?

>>Also (I'm going to get it for this)  The EDP is ugly.
>>  If Gibson cares about selling EDPs, they'd get an industrial 
>>designer to redesign the face plate.
>>Graphic designer to redo the logo.
>hey man, I designed that logo and faceplate. :-)  I thought I was 
>doing pretty well

yes, I think you did, Kim! you just should not have placed the LEDs 
below the buttons ;-)
- but thats rather e

what do you think of the LOOP delay (its somewhere on LD)? That was 
my design and logo :-) I was free to choose the color and did not 
have that many paramters to place, though...

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