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Re: new version of Loop ??

Title: Re: new version of Loop ??
HI reading another post Kim hinted that there would be a new version of loop coming out, does anyone know when this is ?

LOOP4: soon.
Also what new functions do we get to play with ?

- HalfSpeed
- Internal bpm tempo control
- 16 loops
- 16 presets for parameters and tempo
- direct MIDI access for all existing and more functions
- Sysex parameter editing (SoundDiver...)
- display of FeedBack and Volume values
- parameter values controlled by FeedBack knob
- far more acurate and flexible syncing (SongPositionPointer, rounding SycRecord, Shifting ReAligning of the loop in relation to the sequencer, quantized 8th/cycle switching...)
- loads of variations and improvements to functions that are even harder to explain in a line or two ;-)
- so far I have 26 points on my list.

Please dont ask more, we will publish the features when time is ripe.

And how do i 'install' the new software to my EDP ?

exchange two EPROM chips (the big ones with the sticker on it)

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