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Re: Thunder was RE: MIDIMAN Surface One

Hi Harvey....how you doing with my other Tap Guitar?  The one I have still has two bum triggers, you know?  

Let me know the time frame for getting the other one, and we'll get you to tweak the first one...then hopefully, I'll have two working units....the main one and a backup.  I expect to make that instrument a regular part of my act, now that I've moved into performing in the ranks with Les Paul,  Bucky Pizzarelli, George Benson, Thom Bresh, and other name artists.  I expect to integrate the instrument into my band, too...the "Amigos & Gringos"....which features me, Edgar Cruz, Ruben Romero and Miguel Soto, all on flamenco guitars.  

I've used it on some events, but the real "show" hasn't quite come together yet.  I've picked up a new Boss looper, and hope to integrate that into the system as well.  It would be great if an on board looping system (with at least 4 minutes of memory), could be adapted to the instrument, so that layers of percussions can be "built" on the fly.  The electronics would have to be a little simpler for me to operate and understand, however, since I'm not an engineer.  A footswitch hooked up to the guitar  or controller would be nice.  Step on it on the downbeat (1), and at the end of a measure to begin the loop.  and then layer on top of that with different tap plates (percussion sounds).....then lock that into place with the footswitch, and just improvise on top of that and or the strums.

This instrument will evolve, I'm certain.  Guitarist's in my audience are really starting to turn onto the rumba flamenca strumming techniques.  I actually told Les Paul about the tap guitar,  last night...and got a "blown away" reaction from him, too.

I'll be in touch.

Regards, Wayne