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Re: to control 2 EDPs

yes, that is all correct.

when you have them as a stereo pair, one is master and the other is slave. 
All your pedals go into the master, and midi connections are made from 
master to the slave. then any controls you do on the master are 
to the slave so it does the same thing.


At 06:07 AM 10/14/2001, you wrote:
>Thanks for the input Matthias!
>So, to be sure I'm understanding you...
>An A-B box would allow me to switch EFC-7 input between 2 EDPs, and 
>them, but only *one at a time*.  If I put the A-B box into "Y" position, 
>EFC-7 will NOT control both EDPs simultaneously.  However, setting the 2
>EDPs to the same ControlSource values, I CAN control them simultaneously
>with a single EFC-7 footswitch by making one EDP "slave" to the other.
>The same is true for the Feedback pedal.
>Is this correct?

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