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Re: intro and newbie questions

I do it live by playing lots of guitar parts over each other until I
have either a cool drone or a wall of mush.  If it sounds OK, I'll swell
it in and out of the song as I go.  If it sounds crappy, I keep
recording over it until I can get rid of the problem.  (it helps if you
can look intense and/or thoughtful while doing this) I use two
Boomerangs and a Line 6 DL4 but haven't tried any software yet.

Mike Killian

> Are loud walls of noise more a product of the gear, the sound source, the
> technique? Are most drones simply looping samples? When I hear a beat or 
> melody, I can imagine how it was constructed, but not so with these other
> musical elements that I love...
> any advice appreciated..
> -matt
> http://technosnob.com
> AIM: t3chn0sn0b