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RE: Looper development and production costs?

The simple reason for no advertising, at least in the last few years, is
that we cannot legally sell these things in any country except the US
and Switzerland until we have a CE-Approved version. Any expense
advertising in Guitarist or similar, would be wasted at this time. There
will be promotion and new endorsements and all the other marketing stuff
that helps sell products. We have held-off on all official reviews of
the Echoplex as well, so we don't annoy potential customers with the
old, 'yes, it is a great product and you definitely need it, but sorry
you can't buy one just yet' 

PS, if anyone wants a black Echoplex with cream artwork; no extra charge

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From: Mark Sottilaro [mailto:sine@zerocrossing.net]
Sent: 13 October 2001 20:01
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Looper development and production costs?

One thing that I don't think has been mentioned here is promotion.  I've

NEVER seen and add featuring the EDP.  Ever.  Didn't even know about it 
until I bought a JamMan and subscribed to this list.  Never makes the 
cover of any catalogs I get.  Never heard of a product demo in any 
store.  The loopers' list is good, but is it visible to the entire music

buying public?  Seems more or less invisible to the public, in my 
opinion.  No wonder it's not a staple of everyone's rack.

Now Electrix is not doing much better, in my opinion.  They really need 
to buy some ad space.  Send reps out to the stores to do demos.  The 
usual.  I know that's money, but it takes it to make it.  Nice Repeater 
product placement with Torn as he's starting the new Bowie project.  
That should help get the word out.  Gibson needs to give a couple of 
EDPs to Fripp or Belew.  Someone big.  Even someone more visible like 
Radiohead would be great.  I know some people that went and bought KAOSS

pads after seeing Radiohead perform with them.

Also (I'm going to get it for this)  The EDP is ugly.  Repeater is ugly 
too, but in a good way, IMO.  It says, "Space 1999."  It says, "I've got

a bunch of very state of the art high tech stuff going on in here."  
I've always felt the EDP looked a bit home made, kludgy.  Looks won't 
make a product, but they sure help.  When Korg started the Trinity line,

the store I worked in got a LOT of attention.  They looked like 
something Captain Picard would play.  If Gibson cares about selling 
EDPs, they'd get an industrial designer to redesign the face plate.  
Graphic designer to redo the logo.  Do any of these things make the EDP 
a better product?  No, but extra sales would sure influence someone into

throwing cash at an EDP 2 project.

Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, October 13, 2001, at 02:15 AM, Andy Ewen wrote:

> Nick, if you are serious about getting 4 EDPs, I can probably sort out
> very good discount. If it were only up to me, I'd send you 4 direct
> here in the UK, but I don't want to tread on any Gibson reps toes, so 
> they'd
> better come from the warehouse in Elgin, Chicago.
> Let me know and I'll have a word in the correct ears,
> Andy.
> andy.ewen@ trace-elliot.com
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> From: nick douglas [mailto:nickd@mindspring.com]
> Sent: 12 October 2001 06:20
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Re: Looper development and production costs?
> Matthias wrote:
>> would that be acceptable?
> Simultaneous playback of several loops?  Of different lengths?  In 
> Stereo?
> Near the current price?  HUGE tracts of ... RAM?
> More than acceptable, that is wonderful!  Heavenly!  I've wanted four 
> EDPs
> forever (two stereo pairs), but it's too much money. :(  I'm ecstatic
> hear that the software is (largely) portable to new processors and 
> readily
> adaptable for multi-loop simultaneous stereo.  Could it overdub into
> stereo loops of different length at once?  If so, one EDP could 
> sometimes do
> the jobs of four (or Fripp's four TC2290s)!
> A steep discount on pairs of EDPs could prompt me not to wait.  Buy
> at
> the dealer's normal price, get the next one (or two or three?) at 50% 
> off
> should do it.  The more i hear about the Repeater, the more i lust for
> multiple EDPs.
> my $0.02
> -nick