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Re: Looper development and production costs?

>on 10/13/01 8:31 PM, Matthias Grob at matthias@grob.org wrote:
>>  what do you think of the LOOP delay (its somewhere on LD)? That was
>>  my design and logo :-) I was free to choose the color and did not
>>  have that many paramters to place, though...


>well i for one love the design and logo and color(or lack thereof,black is
>black!)-it looks great in my rack,
>and to top it off it SOUNDS wonderful!!
>(finally figured out those footpedals matthias-thanx for the help!!

Ah, its you! Fine you made it work! You are proud owner of one of 
about two LOOP delays in US (about 95 in Europe)... there have 
another two here, for collectors...

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org