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Re: Looper development and production costs?

> Also (I'm going to get it for this)  The EDP is ugly.  Repeater is ugly
> too, but in a good way, IMO.  It says, "Space 1999."  It says, "I've got
> a bunch of very state of the art high tech stuff going on in here."
> I've always felt the EDP looked a bit home made, kludgy.  Looks won't
> make a product, but they sure help.  When Korg started the Trinity line,
> the store I worked in got a LOT of attention.  They looked like
> something Captain Picard would play.  If Gibson cares about selling
> EDPs, they'd get an industrial designer to redesign the face plate.
> Graphic designer to redo the logo.  Do any of these things make the EDP
> a better product?  No, but extra sales would sure influence someone into
> throwing cash at an EDP 2 project.

Actually, I rather like the faceplate of the EDP.  It's not trendy and
doesn't use the currently hip design fashions.  So to me, it doesn't say
"built in 2001", which is fine for 2001 but not in 2005.  It's not 
with non-functional geegaws.  Yes, I think it has a bit of home-made look
about it and could probably be improved.

Doesn't this open up a aftermarket for "EDP fashion accessories"?  Somebody
could design a stick-on for EDP faceplates.  Doesn't some company like 
make a pressure-sensitive laser/inkjet paper?  Some LD lister want to 
a template in Word, etc for us?  We could ALL have unique EDPs!

Dennis Leas