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giggin with electrix

i took, for the first time, the electrix (mo-fx, filter factory, warp factory) to this past weekend's gig (benefit art show, 2 nites).....what fun!.....i would input a single note from guitar into the rang and go nuts turning knobs.....even got some of the folk who came to the opening to play with the electrix boxes, "just dont touch this knob!" (resonance, on the filter factory).....being pretty much "guitarcentric" in my little outings, anything that can munge up sounds is very helpful.....but several questions kept coming up in my mind "am i just having a ton-o-fun and is this really music?", no-one seemed to mind so i guess it wasnt in bad taste, and real question is, how do you make an old bald fat dude look interesting while he's twisting some knobs?.....obtw, the last sweetwater propaganda i received had the alesis air-synth (remember that one?) in it, maybe it made it to market.....:)m