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Re: Looper development and production costs?

> no kid browsing through Guitar Center is gonna buy (or not buy) a 
> fricking EDP because of the faceplate, any more than they are going 
> to buy a Waldorf over a Novation because they like the color more. 
> High end equipment is bought because it does the job you need it to 
> do, and the interface works for the you, no matter how ugly it is 
> (wow, that Moog modular looks slick with all them wires and shit! 
> gotta get me one now just cuz it looks cool!  how much is it dude?)

I completely, utterly and totally disagree with this statement.

If there's one thing we've learned from this thread, it's
that MOST of the people who buy gear don't actually use
most of its capabilities and only buy it because it's
perceived as cool.

And we learned that if it wasn't for these people, gear would
cost twice what it does.

Therefore, it behooves a manufacturer to spend the extra
$$$ to make it bright and shiny and to appeal to the 
weak minded...



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