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Re: Looper development and production costs?

you are wrong.


rich wrote:

> hope i don't step on anybody's toes or sense of 'design',  but this
> talk of redesigning the echoplex faceplate seems pretty dern silly,
> IMHO.  jeepers, you've got the best flexible/improvisational delay
> and looper there is in the EDP, and it's been doing its thing for 10
> years now, with committed people continuing to update the software.
> It's a unique beast/instrument.
> and now the faceplate is bad?  or at least, not good enough to grab a
> potential buyer's attention well enough to secure a sale?
> ack.
> no kid browsing through Guitar Center is gonna buy (or not buy) a
> fricking EDP because of the faceplate, any more than they are going
> to buy a Waldorf over a Novation because they like the color more.
> High end equipment is bought because it does the job you need it to
> do, and the interface works for the you, no matter how ugly it is
> (wow, that Moog modular looks slick with all them wires and shit!
> gotta get me one now just cuz it looks cool!  how much is it dude?)
> and if your edp needs to have a black faceplate with different
> graphics...well, i'm sure there's a screenprinting shop in your area
> that would be more than happy to provide you a quote for doing a
> one-off.
> i would guess it would probably be somewhere in the $200+ range, and
> i'm sure your edp playing performance ability will increase
> significantly because of this.  and all those fans that have been
> previously ignoring you will suddenly be aware of that wonderful new
> piece of gear in your rack and endless fawn over you.
> c'mon, get real and make some music.
> 2 pennies,
> rich