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Buying equipment based on looks

I am seriously considering buying a guitar, merely because it is made of
dayglo green translucent plexiglass.

There,  I said it!


Also, anybody encouraging the EDP to redesign it's faceplate must have not
taken the time to read Kim's elucidative article on why that is completely

That being said, I'll go on record as saying that the EDP looks really 
to me.   I'm also saving my artbucks to be able to buy one now that it is
looking like the Repeater and Line6 Echo Pro seem to have dropped the ball
on live looping considerations.   Kim has made some very persuasive
arguments for such a purchase and I went and gave one of my damn Jampersons
away in anticipation of the release of the Repeater (i'll never make that
stupid mistake again!!!) anyway and really need a third syncable looper.

About the visuals of faceplates that suck (IMHO), you know what I do? (and 
stole this , like many, many ideas from the incredibly talented Rhode 
electronica musician/guitarist/banjoist Michael Haumesser (aka, NotNoise)is
I either take a box apart and paint it flat black (after memorizing the
functions first, of course) or in the case of the very wierd, cheap and
wonderful ZOOM 1201 (one of the truly certifiable ugly faceplate designs of
all time)  I went out and bought a bunch of the cool 'rave'
metallic/holographic stick on material, cut it out, using the faceplate
itself as a template and then stuck it on there.
All kinds of people who would never pay a seconds attention to it , now 
up at a gig and go "what's that device'.......to which I reply......"Oh
that.....that's my mystery box".......................Poof.....instant 
and myth ;-)

So you see, there are actually people to who such banal things matter LMAO!

yours,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)