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Re: Looper development Looks, etc.;

Umm...I must confess that the sp202 looked tres cool to me a few years 

& I so bought the sp202 cause I imagined it bein' even cooler lookin in 
dark & simple to use ( it was very cool lookin and easy to use ).

Though today, i hardly ever bother to use the sp202.

But its funny, that to this day, whenever anyone comes over to my home and 
sees my rack gear and synths etc, ( usually non-musicians or non gear head 
types of folks ) they always ask "what is that thing?"

I say its something I hardly ever use but they all say "wow, it must sound 
& I just smile.

But looks kinda do matter, though i wouldnt necessarily say the clothes 
the man".

In the end isnt it all in how u feel about yourself and how contagious or 
re-pakageable that feeling is to others ?

Warm Regards,
John Price/AKASH
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"