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Re: Looper development and production costs?

All this talk about spiffing up the faceplate of the EDP seems a bit
pointless since Gibson already sells all they can make without any
advertising.  The EDP is, and always will be a niche product, regardless of
the faceplate.  I think Kim has spoken authoritatively on the dicey ROI
(return on investment) that any redesign of the front panel would
necessitate, and somehow I really doubt that Gibson/Trace is going to
suddenly triple the production run at this point in the game.

And I move that whoever advocated the redesign as a sales-booster be the
first point of contact for ten thousand kids wanting to know why they
shouldn't just buy a Repeater, or do it all on a PC [note: I'm not saying
they should, just that it'll be the first question from a prospective
looper's mouth].  Flashing lights might make you notice something, but it
takes a lot more than that to drag $500+ out of someone's pocket.

There's tons of mediocre guitars out there with flashy designs, but Fender
still moves thousands of homely Telecasters out the door each year.