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Re: Looper development and production costs?

>All this talk about spiffing up the faceplate of the EDP seems a bit
>pointless since Gibson already sells all they can make without any

this has changed! they can build a lot more and better now!

>The EDP is, and always will be a niche product, regardless of
>the faceplate.

ehmm, why that?
arnt samplers more or much more expensive that the EDP? Can you 
really do that much more with one of those?

>I think Kim has spoken authoritatively on the dicey ROI
>(return on investment) that any redesign of the front panel would
>necessitate, and somehow I really doubt that Gibson/Trace is going to
>suddenly triple the production run at this point in the game.

I dont think we can influence their decision very much, but suggest...

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