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RE: Looper development and production costs?

>Actually, the rather odd color of the EDP has prompted lots of people to
>ask me what it was- it really stands out among the black/white/silver of
>most rack devices. And LEDs that can be 3 different colors!! How cool!
>A rather late suggestion for the EDP update would be to get the LEDs to
>randomly blink different colors, in and out of sequence, for no apparent
>reason. If you want people to stop and look at it in a store, that
>should work.

when we showed the LOOP delay at Frankfurt we had three of them 
hanging ovehead and we made a little program that kepts its LEDs and 
display going.

The following year I found the EDP upside down and disconnected on a 
pile of equipment in a corner of the Gibson booth.

But I dont like to play with a thing that blinks out of my rhythm.

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