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Re: Looper development and production costs?

Travis Hartnett wrote:

> ...
> There's tons of mediocre guitars out there with flashy designs, but 
> still moves thousands of homely Telecasters out the door each year.
> TH


i rather like the looks of a tele. and i've got an art school 

i'll have to admit, the looks of the edp didn't sell me on it (not did they
dissuade me from it). 'twas the review i read in guitar player wot did it
though...there IS something to how a piece of gear is perceived that does 
a difference. but it sure isn't the essential thing. i like the i ching's
description of the attributes of the hexagram "grace". i.e. (i paraphrase)
that something is perceived as beautiful must be secondary to its essence,
otherwise one is out of relation with the tao...

lance g.