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NYC loop fest?

I am aware that the ball is in my court on this one
but am unsure as to how to proceed.  I have some spare
time now and would like to clean up some loose ends...

Let's summarize where we are.

A New York loop concert was suggested and there was enthusiasm.

Many people wanted to participate and David Torn, henceforth dt,
and me offered to organize the event, dt informally doing booking
and me doing the grunt work.

I wrote up a loose but fairly complete plan for this, and
it seemed as if dt was going to score one or two nights in the
main room of the Knitting Factory -- but time went by
and it didn't gel.  dt was hinting he might not be able to play...

Then the cataclysm.  Everything stopped.  We're still crying.
Anthrax in the mail.

dt dropped the list.

How shall we proceed?

I go out a lot -- club attendance is still sparse except for
a few "popular" things which are packed.  I imagine we wouldn't
be those.

But if we start to book now, we'd be prepared for later.

And, if we book, how shall I approach it?  Shall I try to
re-enlist dt?  Should I approach the Knitting Factory myself?
Or somewhere else?  Or should we rent a space and do it ourselves?

Or perhaps we want to do something different and simpler?


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