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Re: NYC loop fest?

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From: Tom Ritchford <tom@swirly.com>

> How shall we proceed?
> I go out a lot -- club attendance is still sparse except for
> a few "popular" things which are packed.  I imagine we wouldn't
> be those.
> But if we start to book now, we'd be prepared for later.
> And, if we book, how shall I approach it?  Shall I try to
> re-enlist dt?  Should I approach the Knitting Factory myself?
> Or somewhere else?  Or should we rent a space and do it ourselves?

How about a weekly or monthly series in the Old Office or Soundstage
(you know, the old Alterknit)? Maybe Galapagos will be interested?

> Or perhaps we want to do something different and simpler?

Like...? A day at the Williamsburg Arts Center? I think that's what it's

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