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Re: DJ+Echoplex MP3 examples?

Hi there. Well, you can check out Software at 
http://www.mp3.com/softwarehere . this is paul asselin and myself totally 
live, improvised using sequencing, guitars and a jamman synced to the 
sequencer. paul will play 'zen' while i build up a 'song' in headphones. 
then i will fade the tracks in and we'll jam. during the jam i will 
his guitar playing into the jamman and continue to layer them. then the 
'piece' will be taken down and paul will go back into 'zen' as s seque to 
the next 'piece'.

what you will hear on the mp3.com site are recordings direct to dat with 
post-production except for fade-ins and outs. the track 'the euphoric one' 
is not a loop piece but rather an old tune we did in 1983. it's the 
technojazz pieces that would interest you.


At 02:55 PM 10/16/2001, Gilmore wrote:
>i'm new to the list, so i hope this question isn't totally offbase...
>can anyone point me to some mp3's of someone using the Echoplex to layer
>loops in realtime live performance?  preferably a DJ, but any kind of
>instrumental use of the Echoplex would be cool.  i'm curious to hear just
>what the potential really is...