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Re: Looper development and production costs?

>Well, you have a point.  But how much flashy design can you put into 
>a 1U rack space unit that's going to garner more sales from the 
>target market that buys from the gut reaction of "oooh, that LOOKS 

black goes with everything.  what's wrong with black and silver if you
can't think of anything else?

I'm looking at all my gear -- most of it is black and silver.

The one really colored item is my great divide 2x4 splitter
which is pretty pink purple white.

I hate to be cruel but the EDP looks like someone's home workshop
project because of the choice of color (blancmange??) and lettering.

Another $2 per unit and $2000 in design would have gone a LONG way there.
You could do a creditable job for half of that.


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