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Re: Looper development and production costs?

EXACTALLY.  I'm not even sure how it would cost an aditional $2 per unit.
Just cost of the design and new silk screen.


Tom Ritchford wrote:

> >Well, you have a point.  But how much flashy design can you put into
> >a 1U rack space unit that's going to garner more sales from the
> >target market that buys from the gut reaction of "oooh, that LOOKS
> >cool"?
> black goes with everything.  what's wrong with black and silver if you
> can't think of anything else?
> I'm looking at all my gear -- most of it is black and silver.
> The one really colored item is my great divide 2x4 splitter
> which is pretty pink purple white.
> I hate to be cruel but the EDP looks like someone's home workshop
> project because of the choice of color (blancmange??) and lettering.
> Another $2 per unit and $2000 in design would have gone a LONG way there.
> You could do a creditable job for half of that.
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