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Re: Looper development and production costs?

Is it my imagination, or do a lot of you like the fact that you found a 
little toy, that not many other kids have?  Hmmmm?  Secret weapon?  This 
started when EDP owners were asking for new features (stereo, expandable
memory), and Kim basically said, "It's not a big money maker the way it 
is, why
would they fund a second version."  So I said, one of the ways to make the
current model sell better was to update it's look and get some product
endorsment.  That's all.  The Echoplex Digital Pro is a great product, I'm
talking about marketing here.  Bringing it into the mainstream.  I think 
public is finally ready.  The EDP was ahead of it's time... 10 years ago.  
think the time for synchable loopers is upon us.  So far, every friend I 
that DJs has bought a Repeater after seeing mine.  (the beat detect works
amazingly well, I've found)  I predict a fusion between musicians and DJs 
live situations, and it's boxes like the EDP and Repeater that will make 


Travis Hartnett wrote:

> >It'd boost flagging sales, it'd encourage people who
> >already had one to get another, it'd boost people who
> >are turned on to looping by the Repeater to look
> >at a very different alternative.
> ...except that there are no "flagging sales".  Remember, Gibson sells all
> they can make without advertising.  They've got a tidy little profit 
> My experience is that the EDP lives in a niche--a bunch of people hear 
> it and decide that it's too complicated and/or expensive for their taste.
> The Line6 covers most of what they want out of a looping device and costs
> about a third the price.  Plus, it's a pedal, and a lot of people prefer
> pedals over racks.
> Other people decide that they'd prefer a full-on sampler, or a
> software-based system since the extensive real-time features of the EDP
> aren't needed for what they're doing.
> In the middle, you've got people who have a specific need for what the 
> uniquely offers, AND are willing to pay for it.  Taking a cue from the
> Focusrite folks in faceplate design isn't going to significantly change 
> size of that group.  Maybe if you were designing the EDP from the ground 
> it'd make sense to pretty up the faceplate, but at this point we're 
> about something that's been around for what--six, seven years?  It's not
> going to happen.  It's so rare to get a piece of gear right from a
> functional standpoint, worrying about this sort of thing seems silly.
> TH