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Re: Looper development and production costs?

well all i know is electrix sent me a nice advert post card with the repeater on it, it came today.....anyone else get one?.....that cost them some bucks that could have been better spent.....boy, i better get an edp now before it becomes totally collectable.....all i really want in a piece of equipment is lots-o-lites.....someone should just make boxes with knobs and lites, forget the rest of the stuff.....here's my problem.....if i fiddle with the knobs, i have to turn my back to the audiance and if i have the boxes towards me the audiance can not see the lites, the true source of "coolness" for all equipment.....how i lusted after a "fretlite" guitar, all those lites on the neck, that would be beyond cool.....i would be the envy of all the guys and a hypnotic attraction to all the gals.....what more could you want.....:)m