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Re: Looper development and production costs?

At 04:09 PM 10/16/2001, Gilmore wrote:
>you guys have got to be kidding me.  I usually scuff up my gear to make it
>look MORE ghetto!  i like that the Echoplex looks like a specialty product
>made in someone's garage.  in fact i'd prefer that the lettering was
>hand-written, preferably with knobs that don't match each other.

you would probably like the early prototype faceplates. We hadn't decided 
yet what some of the buttons and parameters would be called, so I filled 
the spots with words from old video games. So we had functions like 
HyperSpace, Shields, Torpedoes, etc. Unfortunately the design changed from 
there, so those don't fit on the real production design. I rescued a bunch 
of them out of a trash bin when Oberheim was shut down years ago and still 
have them somewhere in my garage. I'll have to put some pics of them up on 

funny story, one of those prototypes was stolen out of a hotel room at the 
Summer NAMM in 1994, a few months before we shipped. Sure enough, shortly 
after shipping somebody called up Oberheim wondering if they could get a 
manual. The clever guy answering figured out it was the thief and asked 
them if they had figured out what the hyperspace button did. -click-  :-)


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