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Re: Buying equipment based on looks

Hello Kim
I'm finding people on other groups like guitar gear at yahoo who seek 
one today had
Tech 21 PSA Sansamp  the rack one
Marshall 8004 valvestate power amp
with Jamman   Digitech IPS 33 to newer one was it IPS 33B? I forget  and an
old Quadraverb and wanted to do looping
and upgrade his gear.
I told him about the loopers delight and your machine etc

Those new guys would really appreciate the tremendous time and effort you
and Matthias put into giving what amounts to free ongoing support which to
me makes the product more desirable as a prospective purchase.

Anything else we buy in Australia its hand over your $$$ and all barring a
warranty problem your on your own to fiddle and hope the owners manual is
well written and they did a good job when translating if needed and proof

I think you get a hard time off  many here but its a credit to you your
efforts keep going.
Imagine asking Lexicon those questions?

I dont own an Echoplex D
I had the old Maestro Exhoplex's x 3 and the Klempt Echolette valve, and 
model also the Korg SDD 3000
and I thought it wasnt very nice to see a digital box called an Echoplex it
just seemed wrong to lovers of Echoplex sound
( but not  the tape nightmare, noise and trying to keep the thing going 
no spare parts or service available.)


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> At 02:52 PM 10/16/2001, Per Boysen wrote:
> >Maybe I've got strange
> >taste but to me the EDP looks really "cool". I guess mainly because the
> >design is somehow "un-cool". I mean, it really can't be sorted into any
> >certain decade - it's simply timeless. Ok, it could be something from 
> >early eighties just because the logo text says "Digital Pro", as if some
> >"magic words", more important to drop  than other words describing what
> >unit actually does. Typical 80s that is ;D
> glad somebody properly appreciates that touch. :-)  To me the name is all
> about irreverence towards stupid traditions. I had a lot of fun with it.
> The fact that we had the audacity to use the name "Echoplex" still makes
> smile. I love spearing icons like that.
> kim
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