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Re: Looper development and production costs?

>Is it my imagination, or do a lot of you like the fact that you found a 
>little toy, that not many other kids have?  Hmmmm?  Secret weapon?  This 
>started when EDP owners were asking for new features (stereo, expandable
>memory), and Kim basically said, "It's not a big money maker the way it 
>is, why
>would they fund a second version."  So I said, one of the ways to make the
>current model sell better was to update it's look and get some product

Yes, that is your imagination.  I wish ten times as many people bought 
since it'd encourage more frequent software revisions, might drive the 
down, and could lead to a new hardware platform.  There might also be some
interesting music that comes out of too.
Changing the looks on a piece of already existing rack gear probably isn't
going to have much effect on sales.

>That's all.  The Echoplex Digital Pro is a great product, I'm
>talking about marketing here.  Bringing it into the mainstream.  I think 
>public is finally ready.

You're not going to bring a functional tool "into the mainstream" by
changing the faceplate.  Most musicians don't have a need for an EDP.

>So far, every friend I have that DJs has bought a Repeater after seeing 
>(the beat detect works amazingly well, I've found)  I predict a fusion 
>musicians and DJs in live situations, and it's boxes like the EDP and 
>that will make that happen.

I'd say that DJs are musicians.  Fusion between DJs and other musicians in 
live context has been going on for years.  And the functional differences
between the EDP and the Repeater are what's going to determine if someone
drops $600+ for the box.  And while I wish Electrix the best, the tortuous
path to market for the Repeater suggests that they found the water a little
deeper than anticipated.