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Re: Looper development and production costs?

Try this..


Allan Hoeltje wrote:

> Someone needs to start making faux rack units.  1 and 2 rack space panels
> with cool, "this guy is a rock star" blinking lights and big knobs that 
> up to eleven.  That way you just keep all your midi controled real gear 
> stage where it can't be hit by flying beer bottles and such.  No R&D 
> would be necessary, just marketing, and every Guitar Center would stock
> them.  Actually, they ought to be bigger than normal rack units so they 
> be seen from the back row.
> My EDP and my butt ugly Walter Woods amp are the two most beautiful 
>things I
> own.
> -Allan
> on 10/16/01 7:54 PM, Tim Nelson at tnelson@metrocast.net wrote:
> > At 10:37 PM 10/16/01 EDT, you wrote:
> >> ..here's my problem.....if i
> >> fiddle with the knobs, i have to turn my back to the audiance and if 
>i have
> >> the boxes towards me the audiance can not see the lites, the true 
>source of
> >> "coolness" for all equipment...
> >
> > You could wear a suit that's covered in mirrors...
> >
> > -t
> >
> >