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Re: Looper development and production costs?

Someone needs to start making faux rack units.  1 and 2 rack space panels
with cool, "this guy is a rock star" blinking lights and big knobs that go
up to eleven.  That way you just keep all your midi controled real gear off
stage where it can't be hit by flying beer bottles and such.  No R&D budget
would be necessary, just marketing, and every Guitar Center would stock
them.  Actually, they ought to be bigger than normal rack units so they can
be seen from the back row.

My EDP and my butt ugly Walter Woods amp are the two most beautiful things 


on 10/16/01 7:54 PM, Tim Nelson at tnelson@metrocast.net wrote:

> At 10:37 PM 10/16/01 EDT, you wrote:
>> ..here's my problem.....if i
>> fiddle with the knobs, i have to turn my back to the audiance and if i 
>> the boxes towards me the audiance can not see the lites, the true 
>source of
>> "coolness" for all equipment...
> You could wear a suit that's covered in mirrors...
> -t