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new york loopfest

I'm going to throw out questions and my best answers to them.

1. a series or a single concert or...?

My vote is decidedly for a single show (to start).

If we do a series, we'll spread the crowd out over
multiple dates.

If we want to get the largest possible crowd for our first
outing, we should get them to come all on one night.

2. start small and go to bigger venues?

I'm agin' it too.

I think we should try to book the *largest* possible venue
we can.  If that fails we can always try for smaller spaces.

Reason:  a big space gives us instant credibility.  A big
space means a higher ticket price, more spectators, a better
chance of not losing money.(*)

3. Lots of acts?

I still think we should try to fit a lot of acts in.

Each act brings their own crowd with them.  And, I might
show up to see three acts that I'd kind of heard about
when I might not show up to see one (on the theory that
ONE of them might be good!)

I'm not sure how to decide on who plays, though.

There definitely needs to be priority given to
"headliners" (honest draws like dt) and people
from out-of-town (who are coming a great way
to be there and are also draws).

I'd tend to favour some sort of voting system
if there's any sort of dispute, though.

Let's hope we can resolve the issue of the bill
simply -- we were going quite nicely before!

4.  When?

If you remember my last email, it looks as if
there needs to be approximately a two-month lead
time.  We could cut this down somewhat but two months
seems about right.

So let's shoot for early in the New Year... or am
I being too conservative?

5. Where?

5.1. The Knitting Factory.
   Clearly the top candidate, we have some contacts there,
   and they are the premiere space in the city for "this
   sort of thing".

5.2. Chashama
   I know I mentioned them before and discarded them because
   they didn't have a PA -- but they are expanding and I was
   told that they do have some sort of PA there.

   They have the big advantage that they have a great location
   (42nd St near Times Square!) and that they apparently don't
   mind doing things that are experimental and lose money.

   I know some people there too, will roust them today.

5.3. Galapagos.
   I don't know if they actually have a PA there in their
   back room but I'd believe so.

   Advantages:    large space;  open to this sort of thing;
                  we have some contacts there.
   Disadvantages: Brooklyn.  Quite in demand.  Not very good acoustics.

5.4. Any other suggestions?

Let me know if other venues come to mind!

6. How to proceed?

6.1.  Tell me if you are interested (again)!
6.2.  I'll contact my Chashama contacts by email and see how to proceed.
6.3.  When I have my voice back, I'll call dt.
6.4.  I'll report to you folks as to the progress!


(* -- you can see I've been at this for a long time when my
       hopes are reduced to not losing money...)

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