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Re: new york loopfest

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From: Tom Ritchford <tom@swirly.com>

> I'm going to throw out questions and my best answers to them.
> 1. a series or a single concert or...?
> My vote is decidedly for a single show (to start).
> If we do a series, we'll spread the crowd out over
> multiple dates.
> If we want to get the largest possible crowd for our first
> outing, we should get them to come all on one night.

I'm for the single show.

> 2. start small and go to bigger venues?
> I'm agin' it too.
> I think we should try to book the *largest* possible venue
> we can.  If that fails we can always try for smaller spaces.
> Reason:  a big space gives us instant credibility.  A big
> space means a higher ticket price, more spectators, a better
> chance of not losing money.(*)

Sounds good.

> 3. Lots of acts?
> I still think we should try to fit a lot of acts in.
> Each act brings their own crowd with them.  And, I might
> show up to see three acts that I'd kind of heard about
> when I might not show up to see one (on the theory that
> ONE of them might be good!)
> I'm not sure how to decide on who plays, though.
> There definitely needs to be priority given to
> "headliners" (honest draws like dt) and people
> from out-of-town (who are coming a great way
> to be there and are also draws).
> I'd tend to favour some sort of voting system
> if there's any sort of dispute, though.
> Let's hope we can resolve the issue of the bill
> simply -- we were going quite nicely before!

Let's find out who's going to play first! Here is an old list. Are all 
people still interested?

> 4.  When?
> If you remember my last email, it looks as if
> there needs to be approximately a two-month lead
> time.  We could cut this down somewhat but two months
> seems about right.
> So let's shoot for early in the New Year... or am
> I being too conservative?

Jan./Feb. sounds right.

> 5. Where?
> 5.1. The Knitting Factory.
>    Clearly the top candidate, we have some contacts there,
>    and they are the premiere space in the city for "this
>    sort of thing".

> 5.2. Chashama
>    I know I mentioned them before and discarded them because
>    they didn't have a PA -- but they are expanding and I was
>    told that they do have some sort of PA there.
>    They have the big advantage that they have a great location
>    (42nd St near Times Square!) and that they apparently don't
>    mind doing things that are experimental and lose money.
>    I know some people there too, will roust them today.
> 5.3. Galapagos.
>    I don't know if they actually have a PA there in their
>    back room but I'd believe so.

I think so.

>    Advantages:    large space;  open to this sort of thing;
>                   we have some contacts there.
>    Disadvantages: Brooklyn.  Quite in demand.  Not very good acoustics.
> 5.4. Any other suggestions?
> Let me know if other venues come to mind!
> 6. How to proceed?
> 6.1.  Tell me if you are interested (again)!

I'm in.

> 6.2.  I'll contact my Chashama contacts by email and see how to proceed.
> 6.3.  When I have my voice back, I'll call dt.
> 6.4.  I'll report to you folks as to the progress!

Thanks Tom.

* David Beardsley
* http://biink.com
* http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley