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RE: edp bugs

I've not come across these faults but the 'stops' are generally down to
faulty or dirty memory. I'll leave any theories about the other faults
for Kim but if he also suspects a memory problem, I'm happy to send you
out a replacement set of SIMMs,
Andy @ Trace.

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Subject: edp bugs

i got an edp about a year and a half ago....sent it back to gibson 3
for repairs and tweaks of bugs in the first months of
getting it back i fooled around with it for a month or two and then set
aside till just recently.......been practicing with a new band and just 
played out first show with the edp and man this piece or gear does
different everytime it seems........things like::::
1. starting up a loop the loop plays at half as quite as it
should.....my fix 
is to turn it off and back on to reboot and i'm back in action for a
2. pressing the overdub function produces sound at twice as loud as it
but when the sound is in the loop it's fine....same fix as above.
3. various stops outa no where........same fix as above.

anyone else having similar problems.....any advice?

is shane still handling edp matters......he what super helpful in me
bug experience
thanks a bunch!