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Novax Fan Fret Guitar

Dear Loopers, I am selling a Novax Fan Fret hard tail strat-style guitar.
Ralph  Novax is apparently not making these anymore due to a degenerative
eye condition  that is robbing him of his sight.  This is to bad, because
his work is brilliant. This guitar is in great playing condition, minimal
fret wear, and a few dings. It features a light weight swamp ash body that
is white with the most uniqu blue mother o' toilet seat pickgaurd and truss
rod cover I have seen. The neck is maple with a highly figured birdseye
maple fret board. The original neck finish did not set well so I stripped
the playing surface and had it refinished with hand applied shellac laquer
for that wonderful bare wood feel. The pickup combination is modern
Lestercaster with a Duncan lil' 59 in the neck, Kinman avn62 in the middle,
and a duncan JBjr in the bridge. The 5 way switch automatically switches
the humbuckers to single coils in positions 4 and 2. It has a master
volume, master tone, and a pan control that brings the neck pickup in to
play when the 5 way is switch to bridge position. Tre' cool.It also has
sperzel locking tuners and a wilkinson stop tail piece, and a levys bag.
The Fan Fret design creates better string to string definition, superior
intonation, more comfortable playing positions,  particularly for long
stretch torture chords,and easier unwound string bending. I will one day
kick my own ass for selling it, but I have too many strats and I tend to
play wammy bar equipped  models more. Also I need to build a new computer
music system and I need the dinero. This is a serious guitar that, when it
was last available, retailed factory direct for about $2000. A dealer in
Vintage Guitar magazine was selling a Rick Derringer owned novax strat for
$4000! I'll consider anything over $1000 a serious offer. I will try to
take some photos if necessary
Thanks ,
Bill Walker