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EFC-7 mod wiring diagram

Matthias mentioned this recently, so I'm hoping that he or someone else
who's done it (Dennis?) can give a complete solder-peasant directions on
exactly how to modify an EFC-7 to control 2 EDPs independently, while
informing the rest of the group.  This may be something Matthias is going 
put in his write up on using multiple EDPs....

What I know:
I'll need to drill 2 holes in my EFC-7, one in the back for the 1/4" phono
plug and one in the top for a 2-position toggle switch (to switch between
plug A and B)
The size of the holes will be dependant on exactly which plug and switch I
buy (no problem, I have a drill and various metal bits!) :)
I want the 2-position toggle switch to choose between plug A and B, so that
the EFC-7 controls 2 EDPs independently (but obviously, not simultaneously)

What I don't know:
Will a DPDT on-on toggle switch work for this?
Something like this (?):
How do I solder the wires for this and the new 1/4" plug, given the 
wiring setup inside the EFC-7?  A wiring diagram for dummies, please?

I have a soldering iron and good solder for small parts.  I promise not to
burn the house down, but any other tips on getting this done are greatly