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Re: JaM-Man schematics....

yeah, but are you reliable? I need references. Can anybody here vouch for 


At 01:05 AM 10/21/2001, Om_Audio wrote:
>I have mad scanning skillz yo,  and am willing to better the world-
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>Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2001 12:04 AM
>Subject: Re: JaM-Man schematics....
> > Hi Maneco-
> > I actually have the complete service manuals for both the jamman and 
> > vortex,  including the schematics. Lexicon gave them to me to put on
> > Looper's Delight, but I've never had time to deal with all the scanning
> > since they are only in hard copy and fairly long. Twice now people have
> > volunteered to do this job for me and I made copies of the manuals and
> > delivered it to them, and then they flaked out and disappeared. So 
> > docs are still not available to people. (if any *reliable* people with
> > scanning skills are interested in doing this project and bettering the
> > world as a result, let me know.)
> >

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