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nyc loop show 10/21 update

had a splendid weekend (see next post) but here's the goods on the
NYC Looper's fest.

1. Chashama

I talked to someone in the know (Benton!) who gave me the phone number of 
Chashama booker.  They are only open till March of next year!  So we'd 

My contact told me that they might be MORE into the seminar/concert
combination which gives me some interesting ideas...  see below.

I still don't know about what sort of PA they have.
I know that they have SOME sort of PA, and for my
purposes any PA that can put out respectable sound
is fine.  If we need to get vocals out over a rock
band, then we'd need a bigger PA.

He's in Tuesday-Friday so I'll call Tuesday.

2. People who are interested this time.


"David Beardsley" <db@biink.com>
Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org>
kenn lowy <klowy@wrinklemuzik.com>
"brian mulvey" <bdmulvey@earthlink.net>
Tom Ritchford <tom@swirly.com>
Steve Sandberg <stevesandberg@earthlink.net>
"jeff snyder" <josnyder@students.wisc.edu>
"Rick Walker \(loop.pool\)" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com>
Andreas Willers <A.Willers@t-online.de>

Did I miss anyone?

3. People who WERE interested last time but haven't responded yet.

(* == I contacted them again tonight)

Robby Aceto
antonio melo
Elias Faingersh (*)
David Lee Myers(!)
Phil Raath (who has contributed on the thread so I assume is interested).
Todd Reynolds (*)
Paul Sullivan <paulsull@gis.net>/Shrub Monkeys (*)
David Torn
The Moving Sidewalk
Christina Wheeler (who isn't on the list and thus doesn't know -- I'll
   contact her when we have a date.)

4.  Faraway places that people come from that sound good in advertising.


5. Proposed and tentaive new plan for show.

I'm starting to think that the standard concert hall is not
going to be the best idea for what we have.

5.1. There are several problems with a standard hall.

5.1.1.  There are many acts.  There are varying degrees of skill and
         varying complexities of setup.  So we realistically need quite
         a lot of time to set up AND we have to be prepared to debug
         some people's setups.

5.1.2  There are too many acts to fit into one night.

5.1.3.  One night isn't really worthwhile for people who are coming from
         far away.

5.2.  A workshop, then a concert!

I know that I slagged the workshop plan initially but if I keep an
open mind I'm going to have to change it sometimes, right?

I really think that Chashama is the ONLY space in the city
that's appropriate for this, so I'm going to rustle it up
as soon as I can -- or fail to do so so that we know what's

5.3. So my new thought involves the following plan.

5.3.1. Set up everyone in the morning. Many chances to debug. Even possible to rent or buy gear if needed. Chashama is close to Times Square, thus great for gear and
          rentals, though shitty for parking.

5.3.2. Have a free workshop in the afternoon with some scheduled 
demonstrations. Everyone is set up already. People can show off how their gear works. People can sell their CDs and T-shirts in a relaxed environment. We can have short demonstration shows at various points. Chashama is closed to Times Square so we get a BIG walkin crowd. Free advertising for the show!

5.3.3.  Have a $10 concert in the evening. Organized setlist. If there are too many acts, we can cut some down because they'll
          have had a chance to play earlier. Have several free-for-all jams too (perhaps one drone and one
          pulsed?) which can also include other members. We have more time than a conventional show because we can start
          early and end late, at the risk of having NO clients at
          certain points.

6. What happens next?

6.1.  You respond.

Do you like these ideas?
Or, do you hate 'em?
Do you have great ideas yourself??
Do you now want to play?
Have you now lost interest?
etc. etc.

6.2. I secure Chashama or at least find out what the deal is.

6.3. I get back to you by Friday with information about how it's

Seems good?


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