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we buy gold

My new musical act is with the noted animator Steven Speer and
is called We Buy Gold.  And guess what, lots of live loops
and lots of canned loops.

We are doing this backwards by today's standards and actually
working up music before creating logos and branding.

Radical, to be sure.  It seems a little silly even,
surely you should do the important part of pandering FIRST
before doing the almost-irrelevant musical part?(*)

For those of you with high-bandwidth connections ONLY,
here's semi-raw tapes of two of our three compositions
to date.

There are three LONG mp3s there, so I should describe
these BEFORE you download them and hate them: these are
long soundscapes, moving in and out of beats or beat-like
things, with quite a lot of abrupt changes and surprises.

It's got a few too many beats and changes to be ambient
but certainly fits in the category of electronic.


me: vox, WX-7 electronic wind instrument (VL-70 synth)
     ProMix 01V mixer, DL-4, Headrush, MIDI Mitigator

     two old Boss drum/bass machines, an old Memoryman pedal,
     a Minidisk player and in the last one, a laptop with
     some sort of sample mangler on it.




(* -- yes, I am being sarcastic.)