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Re: we buy gold

hmmm, tried the link tom, but got a 404.

am i too early ;-)


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From: "Tom Ritchford" <tom@swirly.com>
To: "Looper's Delight Mailing List"
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 12:03 AM
Subject: we buy gold

> My new musical act is with the noted animator Steven Speer and
> is called We Buy Gold.  And guess what, lots of live loops
> and lots of canned loops.
> We are doing this backwards by today's standards and actually
> working up music before creating logos and branding.
> Radical, to be sure.  It seems a little silly even,
> surely you should do the important part of pandering FIRST
> before doing the almost-irrelevant musical part?(*)
> For those of you with high-bandwidth connections ONLY,
> here's semi-raw tapes of two of our three compositions
> to date.
> There are three LONG mp3s there, so I should describe
> these BEFORE you download them and hate them: these are
> long soundscapes, moving in and out of beats or beat-like
> things, with quite a lot of abrupt changes and surprises.
> It's got a few too many beats and changes to be ambient
> but certainly fits in the category of electronic.
> Instrumentation:
> me: vox, WX-7 electronic wind instrument (VL-70 synth)
>      ProMix 01V mixer, DL-4, Headrush, MIDI Mitigator
> Steve:
>      two old Boss drum/bass machines, an old Memoryman pedal,
>      a Minidisk player and in the last one, a laptop with
>      some sort of sample mangler on it.
> http://WeBuyGoldNY.com/high
>     /t
> --
> (* -- yes, I am being sarcastic.)