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OT: Running status (was Re: Behringer Footcontroller)

Some MIDI equipment is decidedly unhappy with running state. As I recall,
when I had MIDI software that exploited this, it would crash my Korg DDD-1
drum machine fairly hard. I forget how I worked out that that was what was
going on. My fix was to insert a MIDI Manager module  -- this is 
ancient history -- that doubled all of the note sends on an extra channel 
that running state wouldn't apply.


P.S. I sold off the DDD-1 a while ago for not a lot of money. I've been
listening to some old recordings I did with it and realizing that in some
sense I haven't had nearly as much success creating drum loops with its
successors, an Alesis SR-16 and a Roland MC-505. What I think I really want
is a MIDI version of the EDP with the additional benefit of being able to 
things like erase notes, tweak quantization, etc.. Any suggestions?

on 10/19/01 1:09 AM, Matthias Grob at matthias@grob.org wrote:

>> Thanks, Matthias,
>>> the advantage is that its safer, since you only send out complete
>> commands.
>> and:  can you explain what you mean by "safer"?
>> bruce
> Using RunningState, if any byte gets lost or altered, or a unit is
> switched into a rolling MIDI stream, then the whole sequence of MIDI
> commands looses sense, whereas if you repeat the main command byte
> with each date byte, the error is limited to one command. But I dont
> think you have to consider this.