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Re: OT design vs programming?

totally off topic, but Photoshop now comes bundled with a program called 
Image Ready.  It adds a TON of useful web oriented features to 
Photoshop.  AND it has a ton of new vector based features that make 
trips into Illustrator a lot less frequent.  Don't even get me started 
about the advancements in how it deals with text.

Frankly, few programs out there have matured as nicely as Photoshop in 
my opinion.  Now, if they only had an OSX native version, that would be 
sweet.  While I'm at it, I wish I had a single audio/midi program that 
ran native in OSX.  Deck and Peak seem to be the only ones, but Deck has 
no midi functions to speak of.  Anyone know of any companies that are 
going to take advantage of OSX's native MIDI support?


On Sunday, October 21, 2001, at 11:06 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

>>> Photoshop still has the same features it did three years ago.
>>> It wouldn't take you more than a day to learn what's changed.
> I resent that remark.
> Well, maybe not the assertion about needing only a day  because perhaps
> that's just because the changes are so intuitive and obvious, but 
> somehow I
> doubt that.
> I could read this as "all of the old features are still there" but then 
> the
> response would be that C has changed even less in the last three years.
> Mark