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OS X audio/midi was OT design vs programming?

Mark Sottilaro wrote:

 >While I'm at it, I wish I had a single audio/midi program that
>ran native in OSX.  Deck and Peak seem to be the only ones, but Deck has
>no midi functions to speak of.  Anyone know of any companies that are
>going to take advantage of OSX's native MIDI support?

I don't recall any one mentioning the article about OS X audio/midi that
was in the Electronic Musician October '01 issue (the one with the recent
torn article).

Highlights includethe news that Emagics' Logic 5, as well as Bias and Deck
should be out soon and MOTU is definitely porting DP.  According to the
article, Apple is hoping to have midi latency for each event in and out, of
1 ms with 0.2 jitter and audio latency of than 10 ms and probably even
lower than that.

There are a couple of cool links mentioned.


and a pdf file at: