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Re: OT design vs programming?

>totally off topic, but Photoshop now comes bundled with a program 
>called Image Ready.  It adds a TON of useful web oriented features 
>to Photoshop.  AND it has a ton of new vector based features that 
>make trips into Illustrator a lot less frequent.  Don't even get me 
>started about the advancements in how it deals with text.

No, no, I'm sorry, I did get a little carried away there with Photoshop
which is in my mind one of the Great Programs, powerful but still simple
to use.

>Frankly, few programs out there have matured as nicely as Photoshop 
>in my opinion.  Now, if they only had an OSX native version, that 
>would be sweet.  While I'm at it, I wish I had a single audio/midi 
>program that ran native in OSX.  Deck and Peak seem to be the only 
>ones, but Deck has no midi functions to speak of.  Anyone know of 
>any companies that are going to take advantage of OSX's native MIDI 

http://www.atpm.com/7.09/barline.shtml has a nice article about
upcoming OS/X music applications.  Emagic had demoed a beta, don't know if
it has come out since the article, MOTU wasn't promising something too,
Digidesign wasn't saying.

OS/X is supposed to be DYNAMITE for audio applications
with a very low latency guaranteed.

How, I dunno, because fully pre-emptive operating system
like *nix can't generally make very tight guarantees as to
when things are done.

I'd guess it's combination of clever usage of timing hardware
and careful use of interrupts, wish I a reference for this.

Question.  Is anyone here using MOTU's Digital Performer?
How well does it work?


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