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slightly OT: other lists you might like.

Other lists, mostly mine, which you might well be interested in if
you are interested in arts or strangeness.

1. extreme NY

is my New York City music and art events list, geared to the unusual,
the bizarre, the unique or just plain inexplicable.

Send email to extremeNY-subscribe@topica.com
<http://extremeNY.com/list> has more information.

One to two messages a day average (wide fluctuations).

There's also the extreme NY calendar,
http://extremeNY.com/calendar where you can see New York
City area music and art events, or post yer own...

2. the extremely diverse list

Originally intended as a discussion list about extreme music
and arts, it's become a broadcast of the most exotic and aesthetic
URLS from lots of informed but demented web surfing.

Recent Subjects included:

   fashions in animal music
   chemistry porn
   AOL is bad for your genital health
   history of perpetual motion machines
   faux kitty death theatre

The topics are *very* varied, sometimes offensive,
so please be warned.

Drop an email to extreme-subscribe@topica.com
<http://www.topica.com/list/extreme> has more information.

3. Fortean research list

This is a moderately high volume but surprisingly low-noise list
researching anomalous ("Fortean") events throughout the world.

email to fort-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

4. New York Fortean news blogger.

This was a little side project of mine, anomalous news from the
New York area, that was going nicely and is now
sitting like a stopped clock with the last post on September 10.

Send your weird New York news to me
or I can make you an editor easy as pie.


http://whatGoes.com  ................ extreme NY calendar.
http://ax.to/fortune ......... a new fortune every minute.
http://clikTrik.com  .................. Many, many photos.