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Re: OS X audio/midi was OT design vs programming?

I just got an email from Cakewalk that they have no current plans to write 
version of Metro that will run in OSX.  Thank's Cakewalk.  Makes me wonder 
I pay for applications.


Ed Drake wrote:

> Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>  >While I'm at it, I wish I had a single audio/midi program that
> >ran native in OSX.  Deck and Peak seem to be the only ones, but Deck has
> >no midi functions to speak of.  Anyone know of any companies that are
> >going to take advantage of OSX's native MIDI support?
> >
> >Mark
> I don't recall any one mentioning the article about OS X audio/midi that
> was in the Electronic Musician October '01 issue (the one with the recent
> torn article).
> Highlights includethe news that Emagics' Logic 5, as well as Bias and 
> should be out soon and MOTU is definitely porting DP.  According to the
> article, Apple is hoping to have midi latency for each event in and out, 
> 1 ms with 0.2 jitter and audio latency of than 10 ms and probably even
> lower than that.
> There are a couple of cool links mentioned.
> http://developer.apple.com/audio/index.html
> and a pdf file at:
> http://developer.apple.com/audio/pdf/coreaudio.pdf
> Ed