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Re: OT Elec. Drum Kit Opinions?

I've actually been very curious about the TrapKat for a number of years 
Thought that I would take this oppurtunity to see if anyone has any 
impressions of it. Originally I thought it would be great when I was doing 
some live, industrial, performance-y stuff (seemed strange I didn't see 
of them out there in this genre), but now I've settled down in my old age 
and it just looks like a great alternative perc device for an already 
cramped studio space. Are they worth it? How much do they go for used? How 
rugged/reliable are they? Etc.


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>Subject: Re: Elec. Drum Kit Opinions?
>Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 05:29:27 -0400
>Check out the dRUMKAT
>way more powerful than any midi drum kit!
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>   Subject: OT: Elec. Drum Kit Opinions?
>   Hi all-
>   I wanted to get some opinions on midi drum kits- preferably around 
>$1000- there are so many from Roland alone I'm a bit lost- - I'm tired of 
>drum machines and ready made loops and want to create my own drum and 
>percussion loops (I used to play drums)- I plan on using my computer as 
>sound source- Thanks-
>   Cliff

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