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Re:Best effects processor.

David (aka one less than none)
your search for a "textural creating capable" FX processor could easily 
stop at EVENTIDE ECLIPSE. This new unit is 5 times more powerful than 
the oldglory H3000. It is a 24bit/up to 96KHz processor with two 
configurable fx blocks for serial, parallel or dual mono processing.
It features about 100 algorithms derived straight from the flagship 
Orville unit. Same audio converters too! It has an arsenal of lfos, 
envelope followers and ADSRs that can be patched to any parameter.
A preset stores two algorithms loaded in the 2 blocks and their signal 
routing, besides all midi controls patched to parameters.
Eclipse has analog, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, optical and ADAT digital inputs & 
outputs. It can save thousands of presets to cheap small CFC (compact 
flash cards) that can be backed up on a PC with a CFC reader. This 
format is also useful for Internet OS updates & to trade patches as e-
mail attachments.
The algorithms have just about anything: mayhem preamps, polyfuzzes, 
ethereal swellin pads with multi voice modulated delays/pitch shifters, 
5 seconds reverse shifters and reverse delays up to 20 seconds delay, 
40 seconds of looping time, multi ddl lines verbs with modulation, 
filters, ring modulators, oscillators, comb filters, multi tap 
delays/choruses/shifters, detuners, modulated diffusors, phasers, 
tremolos, vibrato, PlexVerbs...an Eventide only ambient texture and 
lots lots lots more features.
Download the manuals/algo list/preset/list from 
I got mine recently and it can stand side by side to my Orville with no 
fear at all.

best regards
Italo De Angelis