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Re: Re:Best effects processor.

i would love to ! the only problem is price (the old demon) i could get a
3000D/SE for half the price of an eclipse, i know it has nowhere near the
same power but ................ its the money !

thanks for the advice though !


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Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 7:05 PM
Subject: Re:Best effects processor.

> David (aka one less than none)
> your search for a "textural creating capable" FX processor could easily
> stop at EVENTIDE ECLIPSE. This new unit is 5 times more powerful than
> the oldglory H3000. It is a 24bit/up to 96KHz processor with two
> configurable fx blocks for serial, parallel or dual mono processing.
> It features about 100 algorithms derived straight from the flagship
> Orville unit. Same audio converters too! It has an arsenal of lfos,
> envelope followers and ADSRs that can be patched to any parameter.
> A preset stores two algorithms loaded in the 2 blocks and their signal
> routing, besides all midi controls patched to parameters.
> Eclipse has analog, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, optical and ADAT digital inputs &
> outputs. It can save thousands of presets to cheap small CFC (compact
> flash cards) that can be backed up on a PC with a CFC reader. This
> format is also useful for Internet OS updates & to trade patches as e-
> mail attachments.
> The algorithms have just about anything: mayhem preamps, polyfuzzes,
> ethereal swellin pads with multi voice modulated delays/pitch shifters,
> 5 seconds reverse shifters and reverse delays up to 20 seconds delay,
> 40 seconds of looping time, multi ddl lines verbs with modulation,
> filters, ring modulators, oscillators, comb filters, multi tap
> delays/choruses/shifters, detuners, modulated diffusors, phasers,
> tremolos, vibrato, PlexVerbs...an Eventide only ambient texture and
> lots lots lots more features.
> Download the manuals/algo list/preset/list from
> http://www.eventide.com/eclipse/eclipse.htm
> I got mine recently and it can stand side by side to my Orville with no
> fear at all.
> best regards
> Italo De Angelis